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Sawtooth Software's Lighthouse Studio is a software system for writing questionnaires and conducting survey research studies over the Internet or via CAPI-based (stand-alone PC) interviewing. These questionnaires can include standard survey questions, such as "What is your gender?" or "What is your age?". Other studies may include specialized research techniques such as Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) and conjoint (trade-off) analysis, including Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC), adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC) etc.

Lighthouse Studio is a great tool for programming web surveys which supports all the standard question types, including skip patterns, data piping, loops, and dynamic list building.

Lighthouse Studio is a very easy DIY tool which can be learnt quickly using comprehensive help documentation provided by Sawtooth Software. On top of it, Sawtooth Software provides a responsive and free technical support.

Sawtooth Software also manages a User Forum as an additional resource where individuals may gather to ask and answer questions of each other. Many people are very generous with their answers and provide quick solutions to very complicated and challenging problems.

If you are still in need of any help related to Sawtooth Software Lighthouse studios and thier products, feel free to contact us.

Our India-based delivery model assures you the best prices while delivering the top of the line service.

About Us

Knowledge Excel Services has a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic professionals with expertise in Survey Programming, Data Collection and Analysis. Team is led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in executing research projects.


Our enthusiasm is what keeps us moving forward, with the unchanging goal of 100% client satisfaction!

Our Advantage

Experienced Sawtooth Team: We have have experience of over a decade in Sawtooth Software programming. We started working on Sawtooth when version 5 launched way back in 2005. We have seen the transitions in technology and are well versed will all functionalities of software

Presence in Sawtooth Forum: We play an active role in Sawtooth Software Online user forum and are amongst top contributors.

Participation in Sawtooth Software Conference: We are a regular feature in Sawtooth Software Conference. In coming up, Sawtooth Software Conference 2016, we will be presenting a session - "Ingenious Survey Solutions in Sawtooth Software" which focus on Innovative and Smart programming in Sawtooth Software. We also took a successful housefull session on "Making Best use of Sawtooth Software" in Sawtooth Conference 2015.

Trust: When we discuss a project, we act as a trusted colleague rather than a programming vendor. You can consider us as partner on whom you can trust to best answer your business questions. We do lot of listening, ask questions, do brainstorming, discuss with you and then give you a recommendation.

Like to handle Complexity: We love tacking complex scenarios and we are here to make it simple for you.The variety of projects come under our umbrella is most interesting thing in our services. Clients comes up with some challenging concepts, questions and here is the actual fun begins.

Single point of Contact: Here you are paired with only one person a.k.a your Go To Man, who will conduct all the aspects of your research project which will avoid the problem of any confusion. This helps in maintaining a long-term relationship and let us understand your company in a better way. In addition,this avoids accumulation of survey writers,programmers and analysts, each part of the process better informs the other which eliminates the chances of error.

Strong Quality Check: We have a strong QC process that ensures correctly programmed surveys with proper First Time Correct.


Knowledge Excel has expertise in most of the advanced features and capabilities of industry-standard survey programming platforms

Trained Programmer
Trained Programmer

Online and Offline Survey
Online and Offline Survey


Custom Created Question
Custom Created Question


Interactive Question
Interactive Question

Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting

Quota Management
Quota Management

Conjoint Programming
Conjoint Programming

Our Expertise

We are specialized in everything related to Sawtooth Software; Whether its questionnaire scripting, logic building, themes, complex solutions, feast fill logic, interactive media questions or Conjoint related studies, our team have seen it all.

We are fast, dedicated, focused and ready to offer you the best you can get.

Having a significant experience in survey programming for market research, we offer what we do the best, our services and expertise for your business.

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Survey Programming

Choice Based Conjoint

Max Diff

Adaptive Conjoint

Menu Based Conjoint


Below is a typical project process.

  • Single Point of Contact - We use a consulting model wherein you are paired with one person who will not only oversee, but also conduct, many aspects of your research project.

  • Kick off call - Each survey programming project begins with a kick-off call, and we confirm your project specifications. When you talk to us about a project, it's like talking to a trusted colleague. When you call us to discuss a potential project, we'll do a lot of listening, ask a lot of questions, and then give you a recommendation.

  • Programming, testing and launch - Once we have final document, our programming team is assigned to work on this under supervision of project manager. While in field, your project manager will monitor your study's progress.

  • Real-time Reporting - While your project is in field, in addition to frequent updates from your project management team, you'll have access to your data in real-time reporting link through which you can monitor the progress.

  • Data delivery - Knowledge Excel will clean and validate data before project close. Count on us to identify missing or out-of-scope data, perform respondent quality checks, and merge benchmarks into data or tabulations. We'll also combine data from different sources, such as multiple waves, into a single, unified version

Snippet of Interactive & Custom created Questions

Drag & Drop Questions
Drag & Drop Questions
Implicit Questions
Implicit Questions
Color Rating Grid
Color Rating Grid
Still AD Question
Still AD Question
Video Question
Video Question
Text Highlighter
Text Highlighter

Rating Drag & Drop
Rating Drag & Drop
Multiple Language at run time

Multiple Language at run time
Star Rating Questions

Star Rating Questions

Conjoint Simulators

The simulator is a stand-alone package that allows clients to conduct alternative 'what-if' scenarios. Developed in Excel, a simulator is a powerful analysis tool and the most important deliverable resulting from a conjoint analysis project.

Simulators transform the utility data from your conjoint study into a tangible tool that you and your end-clients can use. By specifying each level on each attribute of each real or hypothetical product, user defined scenario is created. The computed product utilities are used to estimate strengths of preference in terms of acceptance.

We prepare Simulator using Excel and Web methods

  Max Diff Online Simulator using Tableau

  Max Diff Online Simulator using Sawtooth Software

 Max Diff Excel Simulator

 CBC Excel Simulator

 CBC Online Simulator using SAP

 CBC Online Simulator using Sawtooth Software

 Survey Dashboard

Connecting with Other Softwares

Programming standard survey in another survey software and want to embed a module programmed in Sawtooth Software? Cool! we have vast experience in providing this service. We have plenty of clients have expertise in tools like ConfirmIT, Decipher etc and connect our Sawtooth based programming within thier programming.

We match the formatting used in the standard survey so that respondent do not notice the transition of softwares.

Beyond Sawtooth Services

You can consider below services as well from our portfolio:

Programming: Our expertise is not limited to Sawtooth only. We can help you with programming using other survey programming softwares such as Focus Vision's Decipher. Qualtrics, Survey to Go, Survey Monkey.

Translations: We have a strong partner network of specialized agencies and freelance translators dealing in all major languages with tested quality of translations. All of our translations are handled by native translators with expertise in specific translation domains who use standard tools like SDL Trados, Wordfast etc for higher level of accuracy. All translations are further proof read by experts / natives to ensure perfect final delivery.

Data Collection / Field Manangement: Through our panels and strategic partnerships, we have access to millions of online business professionals, IT decision-makers, and hi-tech consumers available to participate in online research studies. We can also work with sample provided by you or your client. Further, we can distribute survey using E-mail Invites / Reminders

Data Preparation / Validation : Data quality has always been critical to our deliverables. Our clients depend on the data we provide to make decisions that will push their business forward. The data prepared, processed, analyzed and counts incorporated are all verified by the in-house quality check team before being delivered to the client.We have strict internal processes which help us deliver error free output. We perform Data Cleaning and Data Validation tasks before every data delivery which includes various criteria such as straight liner, speedsters etc. We also do Data consistency check like missing codes, logic/skip tests etc.

Data Processing: We specialized in creating tables using data from various formats such as ASCII, Excel, SPSS etc, weighting and graphical presentation of Tables in various formats as desired by clients.

Additional Analytics Offerings

TURF Analysis: TURF analysis is a statistical technique to help optimise your product or service offers, and to fine tune the effectiveness of your communications strategies. TURF is an acronym for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. The purpose of TURF is to find a portfolio (or subset) of items that can be offered that will reach the widest audience possible.

We can carry our TURF analysis on Max Diff Data, Ranking data, Rating Data and Binary (1/0) data.
For more information, click HERE

Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis: Cluster analysis is a way of categorizing a collection of "objects," such as survey respondents, into groups or "clusters." Markets may be composed of distinct segments, consisting of customers who have different needs and desires, and who want products with different capabilities. Cluster/Ensemble analysis lets you see whether survey respondents "cluster" naturally into identifiable groups. You can use product preferences, desired benefits, usage habits, product requirements, or other variables to explore the underlying structure of your market.

Latent Class:The Latent Class Segmentation Module is used for discovering segments of respondents who tend to have similar preferences manifest within CBC (choice-based conjoint) data. Latent Class classifies respondents into different segments and estimates the part worth utilities for each segment.

Pricing Research: Pricing research is a research method which uses research techniques geared towards measuring the impact of change in prices to the demand of any product and also to determine the optimal price for new products. We use techniques like Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Monitor, BPTO, Gabor Granger technique & Conjoint Analysis for Pricing Research. For more information, please click HERE.

Support Options

We extend your possibilities of providing support related to Sawtooth Software, get the advantage of having dedicated support tailored to fit your needs, and we will be there for you to turn-around your projects fast and precise, just as you would do it yourself. Below are some options we offer:

Project Based: This is best option for single project based requirement. We will provide a estimate of the total cost to complete the project, based on your specifications. Payments to vendors such as sample providers, translators, etc. will be billed to client directly at actuals. Every project is custom / different, therefore cost estimates may vary by project.

Retainers (FTE): This is best option for small or medium size organizations which need but do not want to hire full-time programmers. Retainers are available for multiple level support for 6 or 12 month periods, and can be renewed as needed, as capacity permits. Retainer pricing is based on discounted "volume" hourly rates. We use a model wherein you are paired with one person / group of people who will not only oversee, but also conduct, many aspects of your research project.

Hourly Rate: This is best option for very short projects such as programming or programming some logic that are likely to take only a few hours to a few days. We will provide an estimate in writing of the number of hours likely required for a project, for your approval. We will inform you immediately if more time is likely to be needed because of unanticipated issues with your specifications.

Short Term Coverage: Best option for short-term coverage situations, such as high capacity periods, maternity / medical leave, or when positions are unexpectedly vacant. We provide organizations with experienced, senior level, part time or full time coverage in these situations for short periods of time (typically 1 to 3 months), to ensure ongoing or planned studies continue to move forward during capacity crunches. Virtual support for all locations. We have extensive experience and tools for working virtually. In-person support available, with all travel/accommodations expenses paid by the client.


Saurabh/ KE Team has been very active in supporting our interviewing software by actively participating on our Online Forum where he has provided a lot of generous advice and help to our users regarding survey programming issues.

He has proven to be an expert user of our software and we invited him in 2015 to give a tutorial at our US-based conference to demonstrate the many advanced applications he's been able to accomplish.

- Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software

We have been working with Knowledge Excel for around 3+ Years. Our requests are related to Sawtooth Programming /Hosting for Maxdiff, CBC, ACBC surveys & Simulator modeling. Knowledge Excel is "One stop shop" for our team for any requests related to Sawtooth because of their Technical competency, ability to deliver project within requested time frame and Programming consultation specifically recommending clients about design/look and Feel/Mobile compatibility/ Reports. It's a pleasure & comfort working with them.
- Manager, Research Now

GUYZ are gr8 "Love working with the Team" turns around at beck and call and even at the wee hours !!! Love you guys! Have an even more roaring 2016 !!! Wish you & all at home a fantastic year ahead!!!
- Project Management Director, IMRB

I will like to thank you & your team for closing all the Maxdiff simulators on time with quality. The planning & commitment shown by you is truly commendable. Not to forget the extra hours put in on weekends/festive season. We highly appreciate all the work done. Looking forward to work with you again!
- Sr. Research Manager, Millward Brown

Contact Us

At Knowledge Excel, we have been conducting studies for over a decade and know how to program effective surveys to help you obtain the market advantage. Let's connect to discuss your requirements.

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